2018/2019 NSS batch cry for their allawa

After tertiary education, graduates are being asked to serve the nation for a minimum of a year. They are then promised to be given allowances to support their primary source of income.

Graduates after serving their country are now crying over allowances that they were to receive which has delayed. This seems to be like a type of discriminative act against them as some number of them have received their allowances and others are still on await.

Some of them express their grievances as alertghonline got close to ask.

“On the 6th of September, we (NSS PERSONNEL) were told to validate our E-zwich card numbers either to the District office or to Nana Bee (regional accountant, nss)

Till date, no news have been received from the secretariat as a sign of assurance that our last allawa that is August allawa will be paid.

Those who never registered via GN Bank have been paid including Transportation Allawa

But as for us GN card users, same old same story ” we are working on it”. This same statement has been in existence for a month getting to 2 month.”

They further to ask the national service Secretariat to release their money or action to be taken against them.

“We need our money within this week else
We will advise ourselves”

#We are tired!!!


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