[photos]How man who spent millions to become a woman looks now

Letoya Johnstone

Each and every day new things happen.

Alertghonline has once again sighted pictures of a man who spent millions to transform gender.

There are people who like their gender and live to embrace their sexual orientation.

There are others who wished they were born the other gender but suffer in silence. Only the brave ones have gone the extra mile to go public and work on sex change.

Letoya Johnstone

Kenyans on social media were thrown aback in 2017 when local runway model trainer Letoya Johnstone opened up and revealed he wanted to change herself and become a fully-fledged woman.

The young Kenyan man received a troll of his life with many people calling him all manners of names, including unattractive.

Letoya Johnstone

That, however, did not deter the self-declared trans woman Letoya from pursuing his dream of transitioning into a woman.

Unfazed, the trainer kept up with his goal and, he is achieving it as days go by.

Letoya Johnstone

Letoya who in recent interviews revealed he has used millions of shillings to change herself on Friday, April 19, impressed thousands of his follower after flossing his makeup prowess.

The guy shared a photo of himself in some well-done makeup in a move that drove a section of her fans crazy with excitement.

Quite a number of people were moved by how pretty he looked in the makeup and wondered if he was even a man in the first place.


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