Hon. Kennedy Agyapong detained in America over Ahmed Suale’s Death

it has been sometime now since the death of Ahmed Suale but the tigerEye team have not dropped anything concerning it. Yet one sighting by alertghonline seems to involve Hon. Kennedy Agyapong in the death of The former tigereye pi member Ahmed Suale.

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kenedy Agyapong, has confessed to being detained by authorities of Houston Airport in the United States.

His detention was because of the murder of Ghanaian investigative journalist, Ahmed Suale, who worked with Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

Agyapong was visiting the US for a transaction, as he explained, but was held hostage by the airport authorities for questioning over the matter.

I was detained for over five hours, I entered there around 3 and left around 8…,” Agyapong said.

“They asked me to step aside and ordered me to come in as they asked of my involvement in the death of Ahmed Suale…they said I directed people to beat him up which I answered that the fact that I asked people to beat him up didn’t mean I ordered his death…” he added.

The act has infuriated the Assin Central lawmaker and has thus vowed to punish Anas Aremeyaw for this.

Agyapong had been accused of murdering Ahmed Suale, but he has denied that accusation.

This was because prior to Suale’s death, Agyapong had leaked his photos and those of Anas and ordered the public to beat them up wherever they met them.

Agyapong also accused Anas over the murder, giving reasons why Anas should be arrested.


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