Know Yourself, Ignore Their Hate ( The African)

They hate you,beat you, ridicule at you, because you are black.
They tell you you are damned, just because you are black.
Beating into your consciousness, mental enslaving policies.
I sometimes watch in heart-crushing sadness, as it happens in our various communities or should I say countries.
They vandalize the esteemed perception about your roots.
Telling you, “only the penitentiary would hire you, so keep mute”.
Leaving marks of whips on your back, reminding you of your unworthiness.
And tell you to pray to their gods, who pretty much care less.
The ones with false freedom say, they are blessed.
The old form of slavery is in a different state of duress.
They keep you away from your ancestral knowledge, telling you it is evil when you pay homage.
Churching you with fake prophesies, blinding you with fear, keeping you in spiritual bondage.
They scrutinized your color and say you are cursed.
But I tell you, black do not crack my brother, black do not crack!
I tell you this, because I have seen the person inside you, and that person is a winner.
Seeking divinity in your roots, doesn’t make you a sinner.
Stay true to your african trait,your complexion is a God-given color.
You do not have to fall for their taunts, your endemism is from nature, you aren’t an anomaly.
Do not give in to their institutional lies and hypocrisy.
Who said you are a liability?
Reject any advances that is keeping your soul in the dark.
Let them know you are a proud monkey, if that is what they see you to be.
No false freedom, the true freedom is the acceptance of your being.
No matter how they tell you to hate yourself, let them know you are as black as you can be.
Your ancestral fertility, can turn a dying tree green !
True African!!!

Published by D'Lucid Dreamer

It's just me

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