In the deepest corners of my thoughts I reside, reflecting on my actions.
Hoping it hasn’t caused any wrong side attractions.
I have been young and stupid, made tons of bad decisions.
Pushed away those who loved me most, and to those who trusted me, lost them due to what I called ” verbal ommisions”.
The best I can do is, to pray to you through my excruciating series of transitions.
If you really know me, then do not bother about my past transgressions.
It is a known fact, really really true.
I haven’t been a good disciple but I did read your book, the options you have for me are few.
I really wouldn’t mind, if you spared me some time to tell me what is true!
I need that security and assurance for the ones I hold dear, I humbly require thee.
A long database of things I can not control, always ripping me apart every night.
Figured I have seen it all, but no, please increase the potency of my sight.
Hastening my moves because I’m afraid to loose, but I fear for the winners.
I come to you battered and in bruises, clinging on in anguish, do not see me as one of your quitters!
They gravitate towards darkness, my prayer is to see the light providers.
My faux pas acts, at a certain point categorized me as an anathema.
I would hate to have moments of synergy, that is why I beseech thee, to make me less of a family pariah.
Battling my own demons, tired of living with them, surround me with my angels and that is my desire.
To whoever responsible for the answers to this prayer of mine.
I guess you are already aware of my despair.
So this is practically a conversation with what I see as divine.
I possess a memorabilia, and they make me understand my humanity, and if you disagree, please resign.

Published by D'Lucid Dreamer

It's just me

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